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Verified Track Record
Real Results. Independently Verified.

At I² Investments, we believe that transparency and trust are core values in the trading industry. We insist on using the most professional tools available to verify all of our firms trading since our inception in early 2014. We are an aggressive trading firm encompassing multiple trading strategies to diversify risk and maximize gains with minimal risk exposure.

table with the performance results

  • Average Monthly: 18.02%
  • Best Month: 36.25%
  • Worst Month: -12.73%
  • Max DD: 12.73%
  • Min Investment: €3000

  • Performance Fee: 10-15% based on deposit size. (High Watermark)
  • Management Fee: None
  • Winning Trade Percentage: 76%
  • Broker Commissions: Brokerage Only (NO Mark-up)
  • Brokerages: Forex.com (Gain Capital Group), LiquidityProvider.com, SwissQuote Prime, ADS Securities, ACM Gold, IG Markets, FXCM (Legacy).

I² Investments uses a combination of strategies trading at multiple Class-A Prime Brokerages on MetaTrader4, NinjaTrader, C-Trader, all via our proprietary API Platform connecting accounts directly to live liquidity.

View our Fund's Verified Track Record.

CPA Audited badge
View our CPA Audited Report showing over €20 Million in Assets and Profitable Trading since 2014.

Audits Performed by Steven Thomas, Accountant #1657252. (Licensed in Australia).
Proof of Accreditation available here: Adviser Profile ACFP FSG Updated

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View our Forex Verified Performance Profile

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A1 Gold Trading Program Strategy on FxStat Master $40M USD Account
Strategy #3 Trading Program - 2 Year MyFXBook - FXCM LIVE Account.
Strategy #4 - Mostly FX - Low Risk - PAMM

*Note: MetaTrader4 Master account percentages only show Pip Win/Loss Statements. Actual trading gains reflected in certified CPA/FV Documents due to multi-strategy / custom leverage product on MT5/Ninja Trader/Trade Station and our Proprietary Platform. .

If you have any questions, please Contact Us 24x5 to speak with an Investment Adviser.